Welcome Managers.

I would like to formally introduce you to the League’s Website.

I’ll hold for the applause. Baw God am I the best fucking commissioner or am i the best mother fucking commissioner.

Why did i do it? Well, i never could figure out how to post Gifs, I had 100 dollars to spend, and because Mark’s team blows. Gave me inspiration, kid needs some #content to get him through the week. I’m clearly not the best web-designer and have 0 experience with this shit, but all I know is, if you start complaining about it

I swear to god I’ll come to your house and I will bring Ezekiel elliot and Joe Mixon and Big Ben and Ray Rice and Ray lewis and we will tie your family to the radiator and grape you for decades and decades and decades.

What kind of content will be here? Good questions ya fucking nerd mark. Um well definitely the power rankings from here on, maybe a video or two I want people to see. Chris said he’d throw up BavaroNow to the site. Honestly, the content is for all so if you wanna post I can either post an article or stat sheet or video for you or you can do it yourself and ill send you the sign in.

Big thank you to all those who made this thing possible, especially: Mark Bavaro, Mark twain, Shanaya Twain, and Brett Favre’s tiny penis.

Week 6 Power Rankings Should be up tonight. If not tonight then tomorrow. SPOILER: Mark isn’t top 8.

Published by

Seany Mac

bless me father for I have Sinnn-amon toast crunch every morning for breakfast

One thought on “Welcome Managers.”

  1. Wow. League looks fun, guys. I’m jealous. I would’ve named my league after a different giant, but you we can’t all have the genius of Benny Mac


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