Power rankings Week 7- 8

You know, I just feel the need to re-explain that the power rankings are meant to be based on the information and data after the games this weekend and in anticipation for the upcoming weekend. So in this case, the rankings are week 7-8 because it’s in between the two…. after week 7 and before week 8. Just making sure you wheaton boys understand.

Also another reminder, and I just cannot stress this enough, these rankings are based on whatever the hell I want and what I saw and feel from this weekend, plus some additional overall stats from our friends over at Espn Fantasy.

Just to recap:

The Brother Bowl–Mike Defeated the Jim Gowen this weekend after an okay performance defeated the atrocity that was Jim’s team.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 7.39.35 PM

Beyond appropriate photo. Marshawn Lynch, notorios for loving skittles, gets himself kicked. Just incase you didnt know that, Mark. Anyway, Chris Kraft took some pics of the boys after their game this weekend:


Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl Presented by Bridgestone– This is a real bowl game’s name. Look it up. The only reason I called my defeat of my hand of the commish is because Chris once referred to it as the LGBTQ bowl. But yeah….I won.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 7.47.26 PM

The hand of the Commish goes down.

The International GameJust like the NFL is having games in London across the pond, we too had our own game across the Manaquan River as the Not-So-Big-Bad-Wolf Ryan Mead couldnt blow the 3rd little Piggy McClean’s team down. Alex with the Dub.

The one thing I will say about Brick is that they have some of the most impressive fans out there, i just had to take a video:

Joe Montania

The Alopecia Bowl Presented by Rogaine– A love for football isnt all their Father’s gave them as the two manager’s focused their balding rivalry into a spalding rivalry (spalding makes footballs, you got it now?) in this week’s game. Though the reigning champ demolished team Isn’t Getting it Together, he took his eye off the ball and Conor took a commanding lead in the hair-loss race.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 7.39.41 PM

Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC Bowl— Because that is what playing mark’s team is like. Chris with the win.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 8.05.53 PM

2nd —Sean
6th— Jim

Uh oh…dave and Conor are getting scary close.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 7.40.00 PM


—I, yet again, cannot in good conscience, put myself first. Though I have the best record in the league and the most points, Mike trails me only by 7 PF. He also has 561 PA to my 516 PA. Usually I use Mark’s abysmal 30 point game as an excuse but Jim just scored 49 against him which is pretty rough. So yeah he has had tougher matchups


Back to back 115 point games is hard to argue with
Alex Smith is an MVP and devonta freeman is dope.
Keep it up Kornheiser. Team is HOT

Have pete behind Chris because Chris’s team is too hot
Pete Makes a, dare i say it, giant leap in the Rankings. 118 points is hard to argue with
until eke leaves, gotta leave pete here.
HOWEVER—not higher than chris because Zeke can’t score 40 points a game each week.

Alex’s team has had a few losses recently, but he still put up 88 points this week which is solid. I’d take 88 points a week over boom or bust any day
—Keeping him top 5 because Le’veon i splaying like himself and Chris Thompson is making a name for himself. Brandon Cooks ad Mike Thomas are a consistent 8-10 points which is good for WR’s

Jim what happened? 49?
With Fournette out, Jim;s team is rough. His best RB is Jamaal Charles.
When Fournette comes back, jim might be better. TB12 hasn’t played well for 3 weeks

7th—TIE between Mead and Dave
Fitting that these two are tied: with Dave accusing Mead of talking shit about Dave;s team and dave getting triggered. These two crappy teams arguing is like watching two really dumb people argue over who is smarter… or maybe anyone on Jerry Springer.

These teams are tied because Mead’s players suck because of “injuries” he claims. Wentz is playing absurd so that gets him some points.

Dave’s team is filled with big names that just aren’ producing. Ajayi, Demarco, CJ anderson, Matty Ice… all just aren’t cutting it.

9th— Conor
Conor’s team had a little flourish of light a fe weeks back when we threw him in there in the top 5—back when we thought Latavius would be the best back, when we though D-Mart would be sick, and Joe nixon would eventually turn up some production.
—THAT SAID, conor’s losses drop him to a rough 2-5 B/C: Joe Mixon get 15 carries and cannot do anything and the O-line stinks so they have to throw a lot (good for AJ Green baby).
—Julio Jones finally produced, but he hasn’t been scoring much. I could eat these words come this weekend when he falcons play the Jets
—Chris hogan has been shut down these last few weeks
—McKinnon is better though Murray had a big week
—Alvin Kamara has been playing well but Ingram has been killing it over him

10th—Man Dime
—Lowest amount of points scored
—Only team still in the 400’s in PF
—only team that hasn’t scored a game of 90+ points
—Least Amount of Content
—Never has made a team name or change

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