Power Rankings Week 10-11

Can’t wait to see you pumpkins over Thanksgiving. I give thanks to you, and I also give fantasy football beat downs. And I am thankful for those beat downs.

Didn’t write rankings for last week. So lets just say these were week 9-10’s rankings:

Week 9-10

  1. Alex
  2. Sean
  3. Chris
  4. Mike
  5. Pete
  6. Mead
  7. Conor
  8. Jim
  9. Mark
  10. Dave

**If you want an explanation, feel free to not text me. It really doesn’t matter.

Week 10-11 Quick list

1st) Kornheiser

2nd) Alex

3rd) Sean

4th) Pete

5th) Mike

6th) Mead

TIE 7th) Conor

TIE 7th) Mark

9th) Jim

10th) Dave



My tired, don’t-really-feel-like-explaining, Explanations.


Has only one game less than 110 points in the last 5 weeks. I think. I didn’t check, but I think it’s the last 5 weeks.

2nd) Alex

Tied for 2nd best record with Mike, usually scores over 90. Makes good adjustments.

3rd) Me

Best record but my team isn’t first anymore because I haven’t put up good numbers recently. Little worried about Kareem and Lesean. I fucking suck I cannot believe I lost to conor. I am collapsing.

4th) Pete

Somehow keeps putting up near 100-point games. Very boom or bust. Still, it’s wild.

5th) Mike

I once thought he had the best team. I don’t really know what is happening. Well, Brees isn’t playing like Drew Brees. There’s one. Still, the numbers don’t lie, even though he’s got the 2nd best record.

6th) Mead

Good Dub against me. What the hell happened against Mark?

TIE 7th) Conor

Conor has the ability to put up numbers but tends to disappoint, week in and Week out. Also, your name is the only one not aligned to the center. That has got to mean something.

TIE 7th) Dime

Mark can no longer be considered trash as he is not in last anymore. Somehow, Mark tends to put up respectable numbers. So the Dime climbs the Power Rankings.

9th) Jim

Now I know Jim’s team is usually considered one of the better squads, but Jim just hasn’t put up big enough numbered in the last like 4 weeks. I’d like to be proven wrong next week and move him back up the rankings.

10th) Dave

Just can’ catch a break—The last in standings and the last in rankings. I can’t believe Dave started out 2-0. Going 1-7 the last 8 weeks is just rough.


Adios Gerentes.


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